Monday, January 24, 2011

I was naughty

and stayed up late watching The Reader. Of course they show something obscure and remotely interesting on a Sunday night at 10 or so at night so I'm up until 12:30 a.m.
Overall tho, I slept well. Minus Bella Mae wanting food at 6 a.m. or so-and then she ended up throwing up a half hour later or so.
Then once more-but she ate not too long ago and so far it seems we have success. I've dosed her with some Slippery Elm and decided perhaps it is time to try the newer Purina food-It's a Purina one brand-but without corn or wheat. Of course there are grains in it-but slightly less bad.
Not really endorsing this-but I must look at a slightly positive standpoint. If what they say is true about the production of this IS a little greener than other store brands, etc. And minimizing a couple trouble ingredients is a small step. I do not think Purina will ever make something of great quality-but I feel slightly less guilty feeding Bella this food vs. something else I would've bought from Walmart.
Unfortunately I'm going to have to leave her in the bathroom while I'm at work-I really don't want to come home and find puke on the bed again. I know that Bella doesn't like throwing up, she can't help when she does sometimes. But leaving her in the bathroom will also let her eat when she's hungry while I'm gone. I work long shifts today and tomorrow...I've found if no one is home, this is the best alternative.
From doing some searching online, it seems I have developed tendinitis in my right ankle. Good job Josie! I'm not a runner-never liked it...why did I think it was a good idea? Now I have to wait to do cardio stuff until it calms down. I'm on my feet 5 days a week regularly...maybe I should wrap it or something.


  1. Sometimes it's worth it to be naughty, but the next day you always have to pay! :)

    Hope Bella is feeling better!

  2. Bella seems to have gotten over her little tummy trouble hump. I'm going to be gone for many hours today again, so I'll leave her in the bathroom again. Such a tiring week, busy bee Josie!