Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kitty kids are

a mystery. Something to unravel every day, and even when you think you know-you are surprised.
Yesterday I wanted to bang my head against the wall...why was Cordelia Joy being such a little turd? Back and forth, back and forth....then the next thing I know they are in bed together (opposite ends) but still-in bed together.
Well, I got to the point last night-no-early this a.m. that I needed to completely turn off the heat. I think because it's cold outside, the heat keeps coming on-but there isn't a way to really regulate the temp since it's the 'old school' knobs of Low, Comfort Zone, of course it pretty much instantly got cold.
Oh man...I just looked though the's snowing. Damn! It's not to accumulate to much, but I'm pretty tired of seeing snow. I guess it's slightly better than seeing brown.
Work today...I'm anxious for the weekend-to visit my aunt and uncle and spend some time with Bill. I'm a little leery of what the weekend might hold-I'm not sure. I found out our friends are playing in a town close to us-Bill went out last weekend and drank plenty. Hence his staying with a friend and not coming home until  6 a.m. or so...he better not think he can pull this one over my eyes. I'm honestly getting tired of these empty promises of changing, etc. and saying he'll be responsible and I need to trust him. Isn't panning out.


  1. and saying he'll be responsible and I need to trust him. Isn't panning out.

    Oooh, boy! I'll forgo the comments on that...We all have to make our way in this world as best we can, and we only do things or change things when we're ready, no matter what intellect/logic says.

    As for cats being "turds," -- lol. Sometimes my Nicki pushes all my buttons and I could scream...then he paws at me to get down so he can do his lovey head-butting routine with me. Man, he's lucky he's cute. :-P

  2. Totally understand on that.

    Did talk to the hubby tonight about this weekend-no secret plans to sneak another night out. I'll refrain from scolding him about last weekend. I can't help but worry, but I can't go with him every time either!

    Cordelia is such a stinker! She does this meow that's more like a trilling bark...and she'll come up and try to bop Bella on the head. I wonder how long she'll be 'kittenish'. O.o I love it, but...she's more than a handful sometimes! (I do love it tho)