Sunday, January 16, 2011

And I am cold,

but I am not going to turn the heat up a tiny bit until I go to bed. I am so not excited about the impending weather coming.

I found this interesting-

I let myself enjoy the last little bit of my Starbucks Mocha Ice cream....ohhh it was yummy. I'm tired and wiped out...I'm having a period from hell, I figure that I will work out's ok for me to let myself have a little treat.

Bill and I went to LaCrosse, WI yesterday to visit my aunt and was a great time. I bought one book about Flower Essences for animals...some kitty food for Cordelia, calorie paste for Bella Mae, and some treaties for my Peapod's new kitty, Zeus!

I'm actually taking it a step further and having it be a 'Happy Box!' treat for my Peapod and her family. (her hubby, baby, and pug) treats for all of them except Mr. Sweet Pea...he gets some NightyNight balm from Badger Balm. I'm actually really excited! I love when I come up with something fun and awesome!

I've decided after I get this class done to be a Vet Assistant, I'm going to take a course on Flower Essences that are based on Lila Devi's essences.


  1. It's cold here too. Looking forward to spring.

    I can't imagine a more satisfying job than to work with animals. Good luck with your career!

  2. I am so totally ready for Spring!
    Hubby was delayed a day from going to ND due to the he shoveled. :)

  3. We hope it gets a little warmer and cosy to yr liking soon!! {{{hugs}}}

    P:S: Very best of luck with your new course! We are sure you'll excel!!

  4. Actually it's going to get colder! D:

    So far so good (course-wise!) :D Thankyouthankyou!