Wednesday, January 5, 2011


New year and new Quicken has finally been completely reconciled.
I used to be very very anal about my Quickbooks program, until I got the new laptop...then I had to start a Quicken program. Great.
Well...because I stare at a POS all day, and I get tired of typing numbers and such. I became, in essence, a slacker with my Quicken.
I'd usually wait until I had 3 months or so of stuff to enter, then I'd enter it, and then I'd leave it.
My mum came over for a visit today...we got the first month reconciled, and then after our trip to (the store that does stuff) so I could do some banking and she could get some items...we went to the Co-Op for chair massages and lunch. I feel so much nicer now after my massage. Lunch was great. I let TJ make me whatever sandwich he wanted to. (And I will say, I was pleased with his choice!)
I will admit to buying two huge candles for a buck and some change. They are seasonal scents...and frankly, nice jars to store fossils in or something. And Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino ice cream...tastes JUST like my drink of choice...and with slightly less digestive upset.
I'm waiting for my books...I'm so impatient because I want my course books!!! Damn you UPS n' stuff.
I'm so chilly today and I have no idea why. Heat is on, but it isn't warm in here. I need more layers...or a body suit that heats me up!
So, I guess that is my update for these past few days. I should go trim Cordelia's claws now that she is surely in a sleeping stupor.
Then read some more for the vet assistant course...reading what I can online...I'm trying to not panic and freak out over this. I'm very excited, but I'm also very nervous. I'm also very nervous for my first meeting with the local Humane Society of NE Iowa group aka Paw. I have such exciting and motivating things happening, but it still freaks me out a little!

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