Monday, January 3, 2011

Sittn' here with my cup of coffee

and enjoying the intake as it sooths my throat and makes me feel, only for a second, more human. Otherwise I have a pain in my temple that travels down, along the cheekbone, and down my nose (all left side mind you). I feel like the Phantom of the Opera. More like Phantom of the Co-Op.
I'm not entirely sure that I'm fighting something off, if I have something, or it's just because the heat is on.
Neti pot helped a little, but not a lot...I have deduced I have some swelling of my nasal passages, which would result in my having pain in my face when I cough. So, on that note...NER.

Currently both kitties are taking a nap. Realizing now that since Bill will not be home that Bella will have to spend the day in the bathroom. Pretty much deduced her upset stomach on Saturday night was due to her not being able to have her regular mini-meals. And being today is my long day at work....I don't have any other 'safe' alternatives.

On Saturday night I went online and registered for my class. I figured now is the time...pointless for me to sit and worry more because if I do, I would wait and wait and then worry I'd disappoint my dad. I don't want to allow myself to chicken out. So now I can't!
I also got an email and the first meeting to get together and talk about the event for Paw/Humane Society of NE Iowa is this Saturday. Mr. Bill promptly told me (after finding out the time it starts) that I'm going.
Why do I find myself so chicken-y?

Well, I suppose it's time for me to actually get out of my pajamas and into 'normal clothes'...and dose myself with oderless garlic and whatever else I think I need to get into my system.

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