Thursday, December 16, 2010

One day at a time

Bella Mae in her first cat perch! '09
is really all I can do. All that I should do. Make each and every day Bella Mae has with me count.
Today she didn't want breakfast, but she did drink water. I'm wondering if she just wasn't hungry. So I'll respect her wishes. She is up on the top of the cat tree, which is something she hasn't done for some time. Cordelia is being courteous and leaving her be for the time being.
I'm exhausted today. My nose is stuffy, my eyes are exhausted, and I'm afraid I'm coming down with a cold.
We had more snow today and on top of the already snow-covered streets (they were very messy last night) I'm going to be walking to work. And I'm bundling up, I have to bundle up at work...I have my gloves, scarf, hat, coat, and hood. I know 'stuff' is going around, but that doesn't mean I want it. Bill will be home and half-way done with his cold and I'll be starting one?
A co-worker's mom is kind enough to bestow upon me three wool sweaters and some turtlenecks. I never, ever, wear turtlenecks. I have issues with 'stuff' around my neck. That makes me sad. Tho it is more convenient, overall, to wear a turtleneck and not have the scarf arms flopping around.
My goal of waking up at 6:30 this a.m. did not happen. I'll try doing it tomorrow. I have a busy week next week and need all the energy and gumption I can get.
I contacted my local vet clinic and they do provide cremation services. So at least I know that.
I suppose I should eat breakfast...because that is what good girls do.


  1. Eat a good breakfast so you have the energy to walk to work. LOL.

    I live in turtlenecks in the winter because I wear long johns and need the high neck to cover the neckline of the long john top. :-P

    Smooches to sweet Bella and universal Light to you both.

  2. I'm a terrible 'kid'...always have been. Only now after turning 26 in October am I embracing my inner practicality. (Getting out of Cosmetology has been helpful in that!) I'm honestly, uncomfortable in turtlenecks...the constant feeling of something around my neck bothers me. Looser ones are fine. (but that seems to defeat the purpose) I think I'd be happier sporting a long john top ^_^?!?

    I was good and ate breakfast...I think I'm going to pull a 'mom' and have an early morning nap. Shoveling has wore me out. >.<

  3. Hello, I pray that Bella Mae feel better soon Josie. What a cute baby she is on top of the cat tower!!! Yes break fast is very important yet hardest to eat! Why why?? We are bundle up here in VT as well, I am like a cat, I do not like cold!! haha.

  4. I hope so too, I found a supplement that we sell at the food co-op I work at to try with her. Overall she's been eating and going to the bathroom normally...I guess a little more something to boost her immune system up.
    I'm terrible at breakfast, but am getting better! I have to take my vitamins with food so I do not feel sickly afterwards. So breakfast I must eat!

    I simply *hate* the cold...but I hate too hot also. My body temp. is picky :P