Saturday, December 18, 2010

Now I've gone and done it.

I'm sick.
So much for my walking to work and back for the past week! So much for wearing wool sweaters and bundling up like a 'good girl' left tonsil feels like it's about ready to 'asplode. Both are covered with white 'stuff' but my throat doesn't hurt per-say. My tonsil on my left side hurts...and I think I have a swollen lymph gland too. It feels like someone is taking fingers and digging them in and up under my jaw. FAIL.
My neck is so tender...I feel so tired and miserable. Haven't gone to the doctor because a. it is Saturday and b. any other time I go to the doctor for my tonsils and white stuff on them (with minimal hurt) they do a strep test and it comes back negative.
I've just never had tonsils this swollen before. Bought more vit. C and some Theraflu. I'm hoping to sleep tonight...last night was kept up by Bill's coughing and teeth grinding. (sigh) I love that he is home, but noise prevents me from sleeping.
And then, too, I kept thinking about Bella Mae...thinking about what I should do. What would SHE want me to do vs. what I feel like I should do.
Wal-Mart trip this morning was hell. So crowded....I managed to staff off an anxiety attack, but felt so miserable.
Now that it's not so cold, it's hard to regulate the temperature in the apartment. So goes from one extreme to the other...too hot or too cold >.<
My mummy came to visit me on Friday and we went to the Co-Op for lunch and then the Depot where I bought two shirts. Subsequently donated some items today for them. Books and some clothes I do not wear.
My books from Amazon came today (excited!) Mutts....I can't wait to read my book of Mutts comics.
Covered for a co-worker tonight for two hours while he went to a concert in town here. Wasn't too bad. I'm glad to be home, that's for sure. My week will now start getting chaotic. I'm not thrilled.

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