Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When you neti

you do not necessarily want it to be 'productive'. Because if it's really 'productive' and you see some interesting colors that's more than likely a sign you have an infection/cold/etc.
I'm very productive.
My head feels expanded.
I could probably sleep all day.
Instead I am going to work from 11:30-6:30 and then some.

I called the clinic I go to and ended up talking to a nurse. I don't think the lady at the desk understood that I wanted to leave my dr. a message. Hence, I wanted to leave a voice mail if there was such a deal OR talk to someone who would leave him a message. No, I do not want to call back later-I'm at work. Yeah, I wouldn't mind him calling me back, but don't expect to talk to me. Yes, he can leave me a message.
I'm probably hoping for something too easy. I know I have an infection-I am being a stereotypical human being right now and wanting the 'easy way out' rather than let it go on and eventually go away (maybe?). A period for almost two weeks and then having my face want to fall off? I need a break Mr. Dr.!
Bella Mae seems to be feeling better-I'm not entirely sure antibiotics are the way to go for her. Think of it...a month of antibiotics, twice a day, every day for how many days? She seemed more fuddyduddy than before; appetite not there and wanting to slink away from any form of interaction. I found a probiotic/digestive enzyme supplement on my trip last week. I've been dosing her two doses a day for the time being, and I think that it is helping.

It looks like it will last FOREVER. It's in a powder form. I mix it with a little water and give it with a syringe. If I mix it in moist food she'll likely not eat it (seems to be 'fasting' from moist again) and also, Cordelia may end up eating more of it than she needs.

Soon I will be making a trip to the bank. My Dr. Bill needs to be paid. Funny story tho. I picked up the billing sheet last night off the coffee table and noticed um, how do I say it? Poo...on the statement. Cordelia did it, and it wasn't intentional by any means. She has fluffy 'tocks. I've toyed around with the idea of trimming her 'tock bloomers, but can't get myself gung-ho to do so yet. I'm a slave to fluffy bloomertocks. (and her toe tufts that seem to encase litter particles and throw them all over the house). The joys of a floofy kitteh.
I just thought it ironic, her sitting on the bill, in her own way-saying it's 'crap' LOL!!! I wiped off the poo and sprayed it with some enzyme carpet cleaner. The poo seems to be gone. Whew!
Honestly, she's so smart, I wouldn't doubt she knew what she was doing.

Seriously, Cordelia Joy has sexy 'eyelashes'.

Ok...enough diddydallying. I must warm up my car and go to the bank. I may need one of these by tonight (yes, just dreaming)


  1. Well, Cordelia did well! heheh :)

    We hope Bella and Mom feel better soooooon!!! Our mom's always sicky and she feels really sad when her friends are sicky too!

    Purrs from us to everyone and meow!

    Love, Lucky & Co

  2. Thankies :) Still no call from the dr. so I will suffer what may. If I'm not 'better' by next week I'll call again.
    Waiting to have Cordelia lie down and stay down...I will trim some toe tufts and bloomers :P

    *big hugs*!!