Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Surprise laundry day!

Happy cup is happy
6:30 in the morning and I hear the sounds reminiscent of heaves. Not so far away from my ear did the sounds tinkle in. Heaves became more pronounced, turning into hacks. Regurgitation came forth upon the bedspread, and I was too slow to get up to put Bella on the floor. My brain refused to function, I kept telling her, frantically, to wait. I fumbled for my glasses in the dark (thank you Mother Nature for shifting the earth's axis and stuff so it's DARK out) I was far too late. The light came on; I was hacking myself due to drainage pooling in my throat, and then I groaned.
Of course I'm not thrilled that I have to wash about 90% of the bedding. I don't mind laundry, but it's the basement that freaks me out. Like something out of the Saw movies. The amount of regurgitation made me feel bad for Bella.

Fast forward-the first part was written before 9 a.m. and I'm now lurking towards 1 a.m.
My massage went well, I'm wishing right now to be napping, not doing chores. Sad panda. Bedding is all washed, but I figured while I'm on such a 'roll' I might as well tackle some other projects that I've been meaning to get to. That means washing a cat bed, some extra blankets, a fall coat, and the runner and bathroom rugs. I wiped down the washer and dryer downstairs too. Men do laundry, they do not CLEAN dust and crap. Also did some sweeping. I'll have to neti again.
Haven't gotten myself out to WM yet. I'm wondering if I should try Norby's too. Hmm. I dunno. much for 'wordless' Wednesday!


  1. Not every female cleans dust and crap, either. LOL. At least this one doesn't do it, not often. It's such a pointless task, especially in the laundry area. :-P

    Lots of purrs to Bella and to you!

  2. I'm terrible at dusting in the house ^_^ I'm more concerned about my clean laundry getting dirt dust all over them >.<;;; and with my allergies, it makes me about gag going down in the 'killer' basement :P Bill does laundry most of the time, sadly, since he's at work and it's my day off...I must fight the good fight.
    I'm *much* better at doing dishes and sweeping than dusting!