Monday, November 1, 2010

Ironic isn't it?

When you end your week vacation and subsequently go back to work feeling sickly? I'm about 100% positive I'm dealing with a sinus infection-why for? I've given up smoking for about 2 months now (all of Sept-Oct)...I will admit to having one...during our excursion, and I didn't like it.
So, the only other thing I can come up with is because Bill smokes a lot-even with the window down-being in the car 2 1/2-3 hours (to and from) and then counting all the city driving and cigarettes smoked...that I have a delayed sinus infection from THAT. Window down doesn't mean anything for me anymore.
Otherwise, I just caught a bug of sorts. Just my head feels like it's caught in a vice, I'm draining something terrible, and my neti-pot is being used more now than ever. (I will have you know too, I have used the neti-pot twice a day, every day, since my being sick. Along with my allergy sinus being 'sick' is a bit of a kick in the metaphorical nuts.) Unexpected, unwanted, and I really have no choice other than to deal with it.
I can't help but wonder if my IUD is contributing to this. I've been having crazy health and crazy periods, and increasing hormonal breakdowns (crying for absolutely nothing)

I'm getting over being mad at Bill. He didn't call me, his sister didn't call me (as it was late). I believe I have firmly etched in the minds of all that I see that as an excuse that I will no longer accept as an answer. I found out Bill's location on FB yesterday a.m. and one should know after finding out about a cousin's accident on FB and the death of an aunt on FB...I have a growing hate of FB as a 'communication highway'.
Sometime after I found out from Rachel-Bill text me. Which I informed him I knew already because of FB. I tried to not talk to him at all about my feelings-but after not finding his shirt in the closet (for family pictures; he had taken it with him) I ended up spilling everything. He had drank a goodly amount, calling me pretty much slipped his mind. I was irate. I told him that it wasn't just that, but the fact he FORGOT about me. One thing, one simple request and he goes and drinks himself stupid and doesn't even think. He's talking about a cousin of mine and how his future wife can stand it (how?) and that it's 'too much'. What does Bill think he's doing?

I'm trying a supplement I bought for Bella Mae vs. the antibiotic. Seriously, her reactions to the antibiotic aren't fun. She hates it, and it does not seem to help her much at all. You'd think she'd be feeling better? She's walking around looking grumpy and wanting to stay away from excitement. She seems to have issues with finding something appetizing to eat (I'm trying to get her off Blue Buffalo Wilderness and onto the Orijen foods-mainly I want her on the fish one but she likes chicken better. I think she has sensitivities to chicken.)
Cordelia Joy looks like a lion on the perch. Her winter so floofy.

I've been hinted to several times that people think I'm allergic to my cats. This is not the case. I do not have other symptoms-I can snorgle kitty bellies and not die from sneezing, hacking, etc. I really have no issues of sneezing/coughing in the apartment. Mainly I have issues outside (cold and humidity) and at work. Wood-heat houses or cigarette smoke. (I never smoked a lot anyways-so I'm not missing much.) Perhaps I have some sinus issues because of the heat in the apartment. (electric) I wonder if a humidifier would help. (ponders) At least in the bedroom.

I received my most expensive dr. bill that I've been waiting for. I'll go to the bank tomorrow and get money situated to pay for it. Bless my savings account and the HRA plan at work.  I can pay it off right away and then next week sometime I'll get a check back for it.
And hooray for Wed.!!! My last reimbursed massage (dreamy sigh) I just hope I'm not feeling worse by then. More C more C!!!

Time to end my early morning ramble...I should get dressed in 'real' clothes. Long day today, and I'm not looking forward to it.


  1. Life's fun, isn't it? (Sarcasm)

    I have year-round allergies and have lost my sense of smell because of them, but I just shrug and carry on. I take an allergy pill on the days it gets too bad and that's about it.

    So no advice or suggestions from me, just universal Light and thanks -- thanks for wishing my Annie a happy birthday! :-)

  2. Thanks much :) Love and Light is a great enough response!
    I've just started developing allergies over this past year; fail.
    I've gotten generic flonaze-allergy pills of any kind make me tired or loopy. And when I work during busy hours at the Co-Op, I can hardly muster up the 'muchness' to take one. Otherwise I'm finding things to consume to try and keep me awake. >.<
    Hope you have a great day :)

  3. Josie, so sorry to hear things aren't so great over there but I hope it will be better soon.

    I've been hinted several times about my "cats" - you see I get fungal infection very easily due to suppressed immune system and every time, people tend to point to my cats when I tell them. Sigh!

    Well, I offer you {{hugs}}
    and my kitties ... extra purrs to auntie Josie!

    Hang in there! Things will be better soon!