Monday, November 29, 2010

Rain, rain, and more rain

The day has been full of grey and rain. Not too bad temperature wise, but not the best day either. Tomorrow, however, will be much colder. I am not thrilled over that aspect. I hope that I do not forget my slippers tomorrow morning. This morning I woke up in a sleepy-stupor, crawled out of bed and went to feed the kitty kids. I did not put my slippers on nor my glasses, but it was easy to spot the vomit on the floor. Bella Mae had thrown up at some point. At least my naked food did not decend into the moistness that is, vomit.
The kitties had to endure teeth cleanings, which mainly consisted of gel. Petzlife gel. Bella Mae will let me brush her teeth, but Cordelia Joy will simply not endure it. So then she has to deal with yucky tasting gel. (Yucky to her I'm sure.)
Then Cordelia Joy had a great brushing, also wiped her down with a kitty bath wipe. She was not very thrilled. Bella Mae was even worse. She's not at all interested in a bath of any sort, let alone being combed.
I essentially felt shunned and rejected. Bella Mae was all over and up in Bill's grill yesterday, and then he was gone...and that left just me...I guess the thing that frustrates me sometimes is I am the one that does all the nitty gritty things. I 'punish' the girls by brushing them, bathing them, giving them medicine (if needed) and I have to endure the most grumpiness of either kitty because I do it all. I'd like to think that secretly, deep down, they appreciate it. Ok....I know they do. As a friend/co-worker said...they really love you more because you do all those things.
Well, came home to find Bill home. Weather in ND was not the best, so they are postponed until possibly tomorrow. I like the idea of him being home another night, but two negatives. I'll be up before 6 again, and second, going though the whole 'he's leaving for 2 weeks' again.
Another thing I've decided (as well) is to go to the storage unit and get my dish set. My mum purchased a whole set of dishes for me when I was a baby. I keep saying 'oh, when I have a home' but then I find myself feeling sad because it will be a long while before I have a house. So why not?
I sit and think 'maybe save it for a kid of mine...' but then why would that make sense?

Watching the food channel right now. Diners, Drive-Ins, and it. I love food. I'm finding some joy in cooking again. One thing I enjoy is cooking myself veggie mixes. I think about how I am nourishing my body with good food. I'm taking the time to make something special for myself daily (or at least attempt to) I'm also trying to eat more meat. I think part of my problem is I am primarily, a meat eater. I seem to fair terribly if I do not have good protein sources. Sure, you can find them elsewhere, but I seem to find it the easiest if I have some meat. Also, a conversation with someone reminded me that if I were to 'eat my blood-type' I am an O-, so I am a meat eater. I do not want a whole lot of meat...but a little bit could go a long way for me. Also, I will have pictures of some pretty foods uploaded soon, I need more pictures to upload first!

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