Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yay...internet works again!

(I wrote this in Word out of boredom this morning due to lack of internets)
So I’m writing a blog entry in word because I have nothing else to do but watch the Today Show and feel all warm and fuzzy for the kitty-person in my lap. Bella Mae graces me with her presence; purring even, but if I touch her too long and in the wrong place she’ll likely growl at me.
Internet is out, how fantastic. One of the banes with Mediacom is that they seem to have internet issues at the drop of a hat. So much so, my workplace switched internet companies. Bill, however, refuses to make a switch because Mediacom is the fastest ‘net in town. So I get to ‘suffer’ the lackthereof and suck it up I guess. At least I have the t.v. to enjoy. (not that t.v. is something I’m super excited about, but when I was without t.v. the lack of sound bothered me. Especially when it was dark out…so I’m thankful for some noise.)
Yesterday Cordelia Joy’s Christmas present came. It’s an extra TurboTrack so I can make the one she has a little more interesting for her. She really enjoys it, and since she’s so darn smart and seems to like being challenged. Why not? My FedEx delivery should be coming today! I did get a message from the company-OnlyNaturalPet with an apology for the delay in reply. I actually called them yesterday a.m. and they looked up the packages-this go-round I actually got the tracking number. So I’m sad, because without internets I cannot see where they are at now. Last I saw they were in Minnesota.
Today will likely be busy at work because of the impending snow coming our way. Friday and Saturday there is a storm watch being posted. We might get around 7.5 or so inches of snow by Saturday afternoon. This means my girls night of making spaghetti, bread (from a can…come on! Pilsbury isn’t bad!) and watching movies has been thwarted. So I’m going to have to make due…I can watch my movies, bake some butter cookies, and make soup. So I might say ‘screw it’ and make soup tomorrow.
I am wondering if there is anything I can get specifically for Bella Mae for Christmas. She’s a simple lady. Mainly the food is for her. I’ve thought about a heated bed, but I couldn’t justify spending over 40 dollars on something that neither she or Cordelia would use. I’m wondering if I should get a little laser pointer.  That might be something Bella Mae would enjoy, but then it might be like all the other toys. Her vision issues sometimes come into play and it ends up being a quick fad.
Since Bella Mae seemed almost high over the smell of my breakfast, I might try making an egg for her tomorrow.
What else will I end up rambling about out of sheer boredom? 

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