Saturday, November 27, 2010

There you have it,

leaping kitty!
a new t.v.
It is big...much bigger than I would've thought to purchase myself, and it makes it seem like you are in a movie theater. It's energy efficient (yay!) and hopefully good quality.
My new 6 dollar toaster works...yay for toast! I tho Bill played a terrible joke on me. He acted like he had gotten electrocuted...which about made me pee my pants.
Well, work was starting off slow, but then during lunch it got very busy. I was happy to be out of there! I wasn't sure how much more my brain could take, and the fact of having to have a very minimal break-long enough to eat something and get back out-wasn't the most joyful part of my day.
Bill and I then went to LaCrosse, WI where I went to the little pet store-Elite Kibble....that's the closest natural pet food place to me I can find (until I open my own business someday). It's good, but I like the store in Iowa City better on several counts. I will say, that I think EK has more canned food options than Leash On Life-but the dry food selection caters to more of what I desire in IC. (and to toy/treat/supplement selection is larger with more options in at LonL too. Customer Service I think is better at Leash on Life, tho the co-owner of EKibble does talk to me. The only downfall of the store is that the owner sometimes has made me feel like a bad cat owner because I feed dry food too. Exhausting to give the rundown of my personal preference of food to what made Bella Mae shun moist food for so long...I would say don't does the best they can with their resources....the other downside of EKibble is most of the canned foods are fish. Not that I am so picky anymore, I will feed a good brand of food with fish-but I do not want that as their meal all the time. Sorry....BFF and Tiki cat are good brands, but they can't have them every day.
Petsmart had my beloved Liver and Bacon 9 lives cans in 4 packs! Hooray! The downside of going to Petsmart was finding out my turbo track that I ordered to use as add-on pieces was half off yesterday. I ordered it on Amazon for 15 bucks...but I couldn't find anything stating that it was a sale tho (online) so I had to work on getting over my grumpiness. But to get 'junk' food for the kitties at a lower than normal price is nice too. Because any moist food is better than nothing at all!
I ordered some food off and will be paranoid over my first FedEx delivery to the apartment. I'm sure it will be fine...whether I need to sign I do not know. I wouldn't be getting a delivery I think until Tuesday...I'll be leaving a note on the door. Juuust in case.
One never knows what the weather will be this time of the year, and I'd rather have a good supply of my dry food of choice than to run out during a streak of bad weather and not have a chance to go anywhere. That would make me a sad panda.

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