Monday, November 8, 2010

Morning has come again

and I'm not particularly ready for it. The crescendo of a kitty vomiting with the undertones of my alarm ring woke me up. Before that, I remember changing my dream around after my husband woke me up to say good-bye for the morning (possibly week). My dream consisted of water moccasins-one on the side of the road going towards my dad's house. It would literally slither toward me and leap at me. It was slow enough for me to avoid being hit, but continuously prevented me from achieving my goal.
I chickened out, went to my Grandma's and got a hoe. Subsequently beheading the snake, but realizing the action would bring snake-y minions to do away with me and my accomplice. I avoided such catastrophes by changing my dream, and then ultimately being woken up.

Bella Mae is now resting in her kitty bed, which sits atop a PurrPad, that is in front of the heat register (thingy). We have electric heat..perhaps baseboard is a more appropriate term.

So,  I have yet to do my workout. My hope is that I will do it tonight after work. It is a cardio workout and might prove to be a negative experience if I have to shower before work. (I'm odd in the fact I mainly shower at night. A habit taken from my Farm Girl days. Also, more than one shower a day dries out my already dried out self.)
I can only hope that Bill isn't home tonight, otherwise, I'll do it tomorrow a.m. (for we have only one t.v. and only one 'good' open area for me to accomplish anything in. Well...text message says 'maybe' so much for my workout! Unless I do it when he goes to bed. I can't sleep at night very well anyways. Maybe that would help. Not the end of the world.

I love 60's in November. 40's make me sad.

Bella has eaten, I've also given her more slippery elm, and will give her another dose of it before I go to work. This is going to be one of those really long days. wouldn't think it would be long, but when you are a cashier it is long. It wasn't long before....but subsequently expending all my energy upon my job-working 40+ hours in the past, then going to 6 days, then 5 days with two arm issues, and then these past few months of insomnia and being sick have taken their toll. It's disappointing. There is a lot on my mind right now, but reluctance to write about it.

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