Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sleep is a finicky mistress,

and I was short changed yet again. I do not know what it is with this coughing, and it's not violent, but it's enough to keep me up. I took a cough suppressant before bed, did not help. Then I got up 2 hours later and took more. Literally drugging myself and hoping for the best. At some point I went into an oblivion, I never felt Bill kiss me good-bye, I vaguely remember Cordelia sleeping next to me, and I only had the gumption to hit snooze 3 times-resulting in my getting up at 9:30 a.m. Embarrassing.

I am happy to write, tho, that I did do my workout video for a bit last night. I did some more this morning (and will do a bit more tonight.) I have to do this in steps. It's too much for my body to handle all at once. Cardio is the best for me right now (I think) but it's something I'm not very good at (endurance wise). Especially since I'm not 100% anyways. And intervals aren't bad. I'm also doing crunches too. So it's not like I do 10-15 minutes and quit right away.

I think Bella threw up this morning. But what is different is that she's not making a peep. I noticed it by accident. I would've thought it was Cordelia, because she's quiet sometimes. Bella has eaten since, so all is well. I got my paycheck in my account (I had to wait until it showed as a deposit) and will go and get her some of her junk food (inexpensive moist food)...I will also put money on my account at work. Need to get Slippery Elm for Bella (and my mum) and get some coffee and water.

Just waiting for my pet food to be delivered. I can only hope it shows up today. (at work)

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