Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm giddy with excitment

because Bella Mae seems to be having a good spell! She ate some moist food I picked up yesterday, and actually chose that over 'kibble'. She also ate more moist food this morning! She's seeming to be spunkier and more talkative. I'm so happy :) Go Bella Mae!
I'm tired, my extra hour was pretty non-existent due to coughing and kitties not really giving a hoot that the time changed. Hard to feel like I'll get any better since I can't sleep!

I'm just starting to read Dewey's Nine Lives. I'm excited!

Cordelia Joy is trying to get into her toy cupboard. I had to put a sticky-back piece of velcro on the doors to block her from opening them. You might ask 'Oh why are you being such a mean mommy?' The toys in that cupboard are ones that could be dangerous for her to play with by herself. Feathers, string, and the like. This mama doesn't want to take her baby to the vet because she decided to swallow a foot or more of string off her Da Bird toy. Also, would like for the feathers to remain intact for awhile longer. Replacements aren't cheap.
She's becoming too smart of her own good. One corner is lifting, and she knows that it blocks her from her heart's desire. So she's working at it, hoping in time, to get it open.

Watching the local news, and waiting expectantly for the shelter animals. That is the greatest thing about weekend news. Cedar Bend Humane Society

Other than that...I'm trying to psych myself up for work, life, and stuff. Maybe if I had a cat bed...maybe then I'd sleep better!


  1. Oh Josie! I hope you get some good energy soon!!
    Glad to hear that Bella is better now!!!

    Take care dear!

    And to Cordelia, be a good kitty ya! Mom's doing it for your own good!

  2. I hope so too! I guess I've gotten this cold-thing that takes a long time to kick. I'm hoping with starting my exercise dvd that I'll get some immune system boosting!
    With Bella it will always be a work in progress, but I totally cherish the good days!
    Cordelia is just too smart for her own good!