Monday, November 22, 2010

Listening to Pandora Radio

because the t.v. is deciding to not work. You think 'maybe this time!' and nothing...not one little flicker of life. Sad panda.
I watch the t.v. in the morning for the news and to just have noise. Some reason not having noise bothers me sometimes. Mainly when I'm alone, even with the kitties...I need to hear talking.
So the problem is, is there someone in town that can look at the t.v. and if so, what would it cost? Then, what if it is as much as a new t.v.? From what I've read it might be loose screws on the inside holding some sort of panel down.
I lived without t.v. before, so it's not the end of the world...just figuring out distractions is another.
I'm tired of my nose betraying me....good grief. Neti potting is an adventure anymore...I'm not sure if a humidifier or vaporizer would help much or not. Then to worry about the kitties knocking it down/over and/or using too much electricity.
I'm fascinated with how cold I am in here. All I can think of is that this place is insulated like crap. I have plastic up, put sealant around all the window panes, etc. Still cold.
I'm tired...I even ate breakfast (instant grits anyone? Not sure why I wanted that...) but I'm wiped out. Long day today. This will be another ibuprofen day.

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