Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My eyes are heavy,

my nose is stuffy...I'm really wishing I could lie down again. Can't tho...gotta go to work at 9.
You know...sometimes I wish I could feel more appreciated. I feel like I get a good amount of 'oh that's nice' and not very authentic words of appreciation...with invisible quotes.
I have a sliver in my pinkie and I can't find it.
The 3 year old t.v. is still blank. I'm drawing a blank. I unplugged everything, let it sit all night...nothn'. Not a flicker of anything. This person feels like an idiot.
I get to laugh about being reduced to one day off with my 'good deed'....the good deed in which I feel like I'm not really being thanked about. Oh boy, more hours, more pay....but here's the scoop. That starts to mean less and less when I do not feel any appreciation. I know I'm just a 'lowly' cashier with the mediocre pet food job...but I'm offering...sacrificing, and I do not care if I'm one you rely on, expect to help, etc. If you make me feel like it's not a big deal...it makes me feel even more worthless than I already do.
I'm burning out right now...my hand hurts so much that I have to be careful stretching it. My shoulder/neck hurts...I'm taking 3 ibuprofen at a time because 2 doesn't cut it.
I feel miserable, and really, it's because we're getting busier and my hours are being extended, and I've been frustrated at the lack of being listened to or seemingly being taken into consideration.
Know what? FML.
I feel like work is a huge high school clique in which I'm barely fitting in. I'm lucky people even talk to me...seriously, is this how my life is to be? Suffering though crap day in and out all over again? Soon I'll be docked even more points because I do not have children or something!
Life is really funny sometimes. And when the world seems overly corny, just make grits.

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  1. I understand how you feel about the work people. It's everywhere. Why? Just one of those things I'll never have the answer to. Hang in there. Enjoy your blog!