Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm a sad panda

for the fact my pizza crust (a tried and true, cheap and efficient frozen pizza) changed. Instead of the nice, thicker outer edge and flat middle crust, it is ALL flat. Fail. Nothing makes me feel more sad than something cheap and probably to many-not very good...changes? I think, personally, it makes it more cheap and more fail. (Jack's is the brand)

Anyways, the trip Thursday-Friday went well! Nothing makes me feel more hunky-dory than going to my new most favorite pet store! Leash on Life in Iowa City is amazing. If you live in the area or want to go there, do so! Customer service is A+, the products are fantastic, and you can get better deals on some items there than if you went to Petco or Petsmart!!!

Both New Pioneer Co-Ops are amazing (Iowa City and Coralville). Their deli and meat counter areas are amazing! (And the turtle cheesecake and chocolate mousse desserts are great too!)

John's Grocery in Iowa City is a new favorite stop of mine! Granted, you go in two weeks or so earlier and find some beers you love, the next time you go, they are gone. It's ok tho, I found more!

I'm just so happy over the wonderful time I had, checking out other malls, window-shopping, and staying within budget. I am thrilled that I did so.
The motel, however, wasn't super-duper. Not the worst we could've stayed in...not the best either. But heck...we didn't need something expensive. Just a toilet that functioned properly would've been nice.

Also went to an art museum for the first time! (sorry for the 'punny' picture I didn't take intentionally!)

I'm having somewhat of a sad night, but I'm not fully comfortable airing out my 'personal' laundry. We'll just say I slept probably over 3 hours, I'm not going out tonight...but my husband is/did. I feel a bit...down. One wouldn't understand why unless I aired out my 'dirty laundry' but I feel in a sense that it would be rude to do so. And that's not really something one talks about. I'll just say that when I go out with my husband I'm more often than not the DD. I'll also say when I'm not up for going out-like tonight-I'm worried about him getting home, being safe, and wondering how much cat food I could buy with the money he spent.

We will also say, that I'm congested, puffy-eyed, red-eyed, and more tired...and it's not due to allergies.

What do you do when you and your spouse cannot, for any reason (it seems) agree on something?
It's depressing. Hugely.
I feel like a failure.

But Cordelia loves her new toy and Bella Mae was fine the entire time. I'm so thankful to have them in my life.

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  1. I am sorry you are a sad panda today. I hope everything gets better for you and your hubby!
    Love will prevail!

    P.S That is an awesome cat toy! I would even play with that!