Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What a day.

I'm pretty tuckered out. Granted I was able to lie in bed until around 9 a.m. that does not mean I was sleeping at all during that time. Since it was a day off, and I've been feeling run-down and frankly, tired, I let myself just lie in the warmth of my covers. Nothing is greater than being cozy and warm, snuggled up with a kitty or two; that is if the kitty or two let you sleep.
Cordelia Joy came in again, and she snuggled under the covers with me. Occasionally receiving a kitty kiss on my hand (I actually love the feel of kitty-tongue. Rough, sandpaper kisses) and Cordelia squirming around. Eventually she decided that it was time to try and eat my blanket. I went so far as to try shoving the blanket that had been gifted to her, under my blanket, so she would try and eat that. No luck.
Eventually the alarm on my phone rang, and as soon as that happens Bella Mae takes her stand. I was almost startled as to how suddenly she appeared next to me. Loudly purring and pleased with herself, she meowed to announce that it was time to get "the hell out of bed". Seriously.
Eventually I mustered up the muchness that was needed in order to accomplish the simple task of sitting upright. Then came putting my poor feet on the very cold wood floor. (I'm a bad ass. I do not keep slippers or socks nearby, and even if I did, likely would forget to wear them.)
Out to the kitchen I go, both kitty kids meowing away for their breakfast. "How DARE you lie in bed that long!" "Can't you see we're wasting away?" "Mom! Can't you hurry it up at all? What are you waiting for? Christmas?"
Once the food was set on the floor for them, I began my most favorite (second to being smothered by kitty love) ritual. Making the coffee. And while that was brewing I went about the joyous task of using my Neti Pot; for my nose was stuffed and my sinuses were aching. When I finished my nasal bath, I poured myself a cup of dark coffee and plopped myself down for my ritual watching of the Today Show.
Eventually I began my day with a trip to the bank (which is in Wal-Mart, hip-hooray) and felt very accomplished depositing my birthday gift from my dad into my savings. I'm feeling mighty proud that I've made progress (even before my gift) and the gift was substantial to where I would feel terribly guilty spending it. I'd rather save it toward something.
Like the Vet Assistant course I plan to take. First tho, which one? Become certified in something I've read is 'a waste of money' because a vet teaches you everything the course would...and if I were to be certified be certified as a Vet Tech OR just get a certificate of completion....which if I get the completion thing done, I'll be paying a heck of a lot less and still get a good amount of knowledge.
So, pay about $300 total OR pay a little over $1,000....decisions.
After I went to the bank and purchased a few things to get my ball rolling on organizing my magazines, I set to work on tearing out relevant articles that I would actually WANT to keep (vs. keeping the whole magazine just for those few pages) and clipped a few coupons (that were relevant to my cat litter purchases) I need more sheets, but dang...I feel so nifty.
Then I wanted to put plastic up on the one window that doesn't get kitty time. Looking at the window, I could see that putting sealant around the edges of both inside glass windows wouldn't be a bad idea. The bitch part of my job, tho, was putting plastic over the cracked glass on the inside. Windows only open so high, and it was a pain in the ass to get the sticky strip on the top part of the panel. I got it done tho. Then, thankfully, I remembered that last winter the windows popped open. So a couple screws to keep the latch in the 'locked' position and inhibit the window popping up, did the trick. I let the sealant sit for a bit before I put plastic up on the window; so I sealed more windows.
Then I opened the door that is in the kitchen (which hardly sees the light of day) and saw that the past renter (or so) had put plastic up on the inside of the door too (covering the glass panels). So I sealed those on the inside (because I left the plastic up on the outside (as in, the side that is in the kitchen was still covered from last winter).
I sealed both sides of the window on the inside front door; sealed the panels on the window in the living room AND bedroom. Needless to say, my hands are stiff!
And top it off, I put a lot of Bill's papers away....prettied up the desk area, and situated my decorative wine bottles.
I feel like I did a lot, when really I probably didn't. Regardless, I'm happy-ish...tho sad because my throat hurts.
So...that brings to close my day. Right now the two kids are sleeping soundly, I'm having my much deserved beer, and will more than likely go to bed in another hour or so. Until tomorrow, cheers!

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