Thursday, October 7, 2010


talking twice of my amazing Kitty Kids doing their magical 'Mommy, wake up!' dance didn't work. This morning I had to wake myself up. I will say, however, Cordelia Joy did sleep with me all night. I suppose it may be because some food had been left out. Periodically I will leave some dry food down (small amount) at night...otherwise they both knew I was feeling a bit under the weather and decided to let me rest. I do have to go to work today, and it is a longer shift.
I've decided the window on the inside (now inside) door will have plastic put up on both sides. That will be a project for tomorrow.
I'm wondering how I'll get plastic up on the screen in the other room. I think the window itself doesn't like to lift up all the way. That might be a window that will have bubble wrap shoved up within. (Forgot to try that with the first window)
Will I ever live in a home that doesn't have me freezing my fool ass off? I think that's the one thing that just depresses me. Out at the Homestead I'd be too warm 50% of the time and too cold the other 50%. Because with a wood furnace, what does it do overnight? Gets low. When my bedroom was the small office room downstairs I was so very toasty until the early a.m. wake up; then freezing. When my bedroom was both rooms upstairs (that was amazing to me) I was always freezing. I had to have a small space heater and an electric blanket. Layers-sweat shirt, flannel shirt, sweat pants, fuzzy socks...and I was still cold.
The first apartment I lived in with Bill I was perpetually cold; he's hot blooded so I got to suffer. Tho he was nice and did turn the heat up a little for me, but I was mostly cold. Hence, layered dressing there too. And hogging of blankets.
Then the tiny apartment he and I lived in for a year or so; eventually the person who rented the apartment below us relocated. Because of that, the heat was turned down....and I think the landlord kind of forgot that the heat from that apartment controlled how warm/cold OUR apartment was.
Layers, space heater, blankets, and a slightly disgruntled landlord who wasn't thrilled that the electric bill was higher than before...which eventually prompted the heat being turned up somewhat.
Then wee! The last apartment we lived in was one of the worst. We had so many issues with the door because there wasn't a storm door to block the weather. So several times in the dead of winter I would come home and not be able to stick my key into the lock. You get home after 10 p.m. and wonder if you will get about fail. I would have to blow into the key-hole and pray. Eventually got de-icer for the key hole, but that doesn't fix the problem permanently.
The apartment was poorly insulated. I put plastic up on the windows, even then, it wasn't great. The doorway leaked cold air...they kept their business below cool so cold air leaked up and though the door in the bedroom (there was a door in the bedroom that if it wasn't locked/blocked would've lead out to the hallway of their portion of the upstairs. I blocked the door as well as I could, but it didn't fix much. Imagine the fun things I heard the landlord say to his wife about me/bill/us without even trying---let alone hear him yell at his wife.)
Anyway...I've lived in perpetual cold. I am hoping, however, that the door we got put on this summer, plus the extra plastic covering the windows will help.
Winter is not a favorite season of mine. People always say 'Did you grow up in Iowa?' "Yes." 'Well, you're used to it!' "No......" or "Just because I grew up in Iowa does not mean I like the weather."
My favorite weather is currently going on right now; High 60's to middle/slightly upper 70's with lows in the 50's. If it could stay like that for most of the year...forgo humidity and deep freezes...I would be utterly content. The days out of the year where I feel like it is perpetually perfect I could probably count on my hands. Sad.
Bummer, my coffee is cold, and that's sad too!


  1. I agree even through we have lived in Iowa doesn't mean that we have to like the weather or love the cold. I hate cold with a passion. I can't be outside more than 10 minutes without my lungs begging me for warmth and an inhaler.
    Also my fiance is warm blooded and we keep the heat in the winter around 65 degrees in the winter and I freeze to death but it keeps from buying LP more than one a year.
    Oh well at least we have some heat and don't have to live in -40 degree weather all the time.

  2. I live in southeastern Ontario (Canada) and HATE the cold. Grew up in the province of Quebec, with all that snow, and I hate, hate, hate winter. Hate the ice, the sleet, having to wear ice grippers on my boots to get to the bus stop or walk on any city sidewalk, hate shovelling, hate freezing in this drafty townhouse for 8 freaking months of the year. LOL. (Townhouse faces north.)

    And just because I'm Canadian doesn't mean I get used to the winters! I would love to live in a more temperate climate, but except for the west coast, Canada doesn't really have one.

    P.S. I hate wearing long johns every day for 5 or 6 months of the year too! So there. LOL!

  3. Oooh! Comments!!!! *excited*

    I totally suck with walking in the winter; but learned from last year to try and do it more often. I'm a fail with cold weather tho. :( I'm always cold 70% of the time anyways. If the apartment can stay close to 70 degrees (not above and not far below) I can live comfortably. The screen door *should* help this year...and knowing the tricky windows in the other room and fixing those before I cover them should help too.

    Kea-I absolutely hatehatehate ice; I feel and cracked my head on ice. Stitches make you think twice about the joys of that particular element! Shoveling sucks, and I ended up doing a good amount of it since the hubby is gone during the week. I need to find a good climate....yes I do!
    I also refuse to wear long johns ^_^ because I hate how they make my pants fit. I had to wear Carhart overalls in the barn and had a hard time bending over from the bulk. I'm picky about the dumbest things!