Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cordelia Joy

Cordelia Joy is the epitome of Tortitude. She is rambunctious, she loves to play, she has sass, she has class, and she whines like the diva she knows she is. (Serious whining when I'm doing something to her she doesn't like...baths, teeth brushing, etc.) and she will do it so cutely too. Piteous little meow, and sometimes put her paws around my neck..."Oooh save me Mummy!"
Cordelia Joy is almost 7 months old (crazy!) and I adopted her in early June (even crazier!)
Cordelia (imo) has huge paws...and in all seriousness somewhere in her heritage I'm still going to swear there is a little Maine Coon hiding in there.
She loves water-playing with it in particular...will play in the tub (has to explore it after I take a shower), and will play in the sink.
Her fur is longer and shorter in the areas that are trademark for Maine Coon (tho her fur isn't as long)
She has a musical twitterish meow. Not loud...sing-songy and squeaky at times.
She's very much a mama's girl, but likes to throw me for a loop...being the troubled teen and such...will ignore me at times.
Past two days Cordelia Joy will come into the bedroom probably a half-hour before my alarm goes off and will snuggle under the covers with me. Literally. I'll lift the blanket and she'll cuddle under there with me...sometimes she'll squirm around, lick my hand, or try and (yet again) eat my blanket.
Cordelia loves to play with her Cat Dancer toy.
Cordelia LOVES gift bags (they are a bit more sturdy than plain paper bags)...and she destroys them.
Cordelia is a very lovable and social kitty, and I think would be great for dealing with fosters.
Cordelia loves to pick on Bella Mae (but Bella Mae gets her back)...I think Cordelia loves Bella Mae. If I take Bella to the vet, when we get home Cordelia is all over us.
Cordelia is the first cat I've 'owned' that has yellow/amber eyes.

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