Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Well, coming home

I found Bella Mae had gotten sick on the couch. Why for and all those other questions are un-answered. Long day at work, my wrist is unhappy with me (as usual) but moreso. So a little Scottish Ale to soothe the soul?
It's just sad when one feels so lost. When you aren't sure if you are not doing enough or not. And if you aren't doing enough then that is bad; but if you are doing enough and not knowing so, is about just as bad. Bella Mae has eaten, and kept it all down. So that is something positive, right?
I'm not so excited for Thursday; dentist appointment. Hooray. I guess I'm more worried about upsetting the dentist and my desire to not get x-rays done this time around. (shrug)
He'll just have to deal. I guess.
I'm so tired, wanting to sleep, but afraid to sleep for fear I'll just not sleep. (at least well) what's worse, not sleeping at all or not sleeping well? O.o
we'll see.

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