Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My chores

are not fully done, but found out that I get to go in and cover a shift at work today. So, I do not want to tire myself out completely, especially since I have to get up early tomorrow for the dentist. Also, tomorrow night will prove to be a very un-fun evening because of how busy it will potentially be. It will be a great night, we're having our Taste The Local Harvest event. Get to meet local producers and sample products! I'm just so tired out, thinking of so many customers coming though the check-out makes my arm hurt and my brain tired.
Well, anyway. I got plastic up on the screen in the other room. So at least that is done. The window itself still needs to be covered. Got the carpet cleaned, cleaned off the cat trees, fish water changed, lunch eaten, and dishes washed.
My mum will probably come over when Bill and I go on our little anniversary trip, to check on the kitties. Tuesday Bella Mae goes to the vet to get blood work done (if she lets them) I'm thinking there might be a CRF issue going on. I really do. She's had high CRE levels, but her BUN levels have been normal (I believe) but so many of her issues corralate with CRF. Either matter what, she's my baby.
Cramping some today. Sucks. I wish I wouldn't hurt like this; I feel wimpy for saying this, but this period really sucks. *hides in a hole*


  1. I hope Bella feels better soon.
    You too ...

    *hole big for us to hide together?*

    Feeling same way today. Sucks. We are no wimpy!
    We are just women!

  2. So far Bella Mae has been doing alright :) Been keeping food down, even slept with me this morning. I'm still feeling run down today :( Period might be calming down some (crossing fingers)