Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So I'm sitting here

with tissue stuffed up my nose to catch drips. I just got done using the neti pot. The one good thing I can do for my sinuses-and the relief seems so minute because after a few moments it's gone. (sigh) At least I'm home alone, save for the kitties, and do not have to worry about a laughing spouse.

The kitties just got done running around and chasing each other. I was worried because it seemed last night wasn't a good night for Bella Mae. Bill said she had thrown up on the couch; when I came home she seemed really lethargic. I resigned myself and gave her a little of her pain medication-and she seems to have perked up today. So before too long I will probably see if she can get in to try and get blood drawn. I'm at a loss. I just worry about causing her more stress than necessary.

Tomorrow I might see about putting plastic up on another window. Of course that would have to happen in the a.m. whilest it is warm. I need to try and put plastic up over the screen, so if the metal is cold, the plastic won't stick to the sticky tape.

So chilly this a.m. I did not want to get out of bed! Wood floors might be easy cleaning, but they are very chilly to walk on.

Last night my supper did not turn out like I had hoped, so I'm not going to even talk about it. I was so disappointed over it, and it makes me frustrated! Bill had to get me a small bag of chips, otherwise I would've been resigned to feeling unsatisfied.
I'm just in such a weird mood, mainly because I'm tired. (I think...) Just one of those 'eh' things. And I'm feeling funky physically anyways too, so that doesn't help. Ibuprofen and chocolate, unfortunately, can't cure everything.


  1. Oh Josie!!!!

    Feel better soon!

    I have been feeling rather "out" these couple of weeks! My nose is not "dripping" like yours but dried and crusty! Ahhhemmm, "crusty" - you know what I mean, right - more digging.

    Lucky thing I've got 13 cats, so I can spare some healing purrs .... sending some over right now!!

    Take care!

  2. Thank you for the purrs! *hugs*
    I'd be so much happier if I didn't have drainage...I'm having one weird period too...and that's dragging me down now more than anything >.< Joys of being a woman, eh?