Monday, October 11, 2010

This is going to be

a long day. Seriously and metaphorically. 11-7 shift and my shoulder feeling like it wants to pop out of socket (or something like that). Sad panda. Also, the fact I can't really pinpoint why is bothersome too.

So, we're going to try some homeopathic remedies for Bella Mae. I'd rather try that than dope her up. So, I'm taking what I've gotten to give her as a dosage, I put it in a syringe and add some filtered water (just enough to cover the pellets) so they dissolve. Can't really get a cat to hold a pellet under her tongue. If you can, awesome. I'll admit defeat.

Sleep was not great (again) lack of comfort and strange dreams (tho dreams last night weren't memorable. It is great to wake up to glorious weather. A few days this week highs will be in the upper 60's, but yet again increase to low 70's. Yay!

So...Cordelia Joy is scampering around like someone lit a fire under her cute little bum. Bella Mae is window surfing...she was out in the living room for a short stint...sit up here with me and purr a little. Now back in the 'office/fish room' enjoying the sun (and quiet).

Hopefully tomorrow I will convince myself to go for a walk. Last go-round at fossil hunting?

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