Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another day

has started...or really, has been happening as I type. I have been up for awhile, I swear!
Sleep wasn't the greatest in the world. Dreams plaguing my mind, disrupting the quiet of my life. My world turned upside down with flashing images, panic, and Bill's coughing.
Then I wake up to find Bella Mae sleeping in the bathroom. This isn't normal, and I'm tearing myself up on the inside trying to figure out what to do. Last trip to the vet resulted in pain medication (which doesn't fix the problem) and a diagnosis of something that is probably well beyond my means of affording if it is what it is. And then there is a possibility it may help; she's not that bad yet if this is what it is.

Thing is, I don't want to have her on a steroid....there are pros and cons to about everything, but I wouldn't want to set her up for something else.
The pain medication tripled in price from when I last bought it....seeing what happens after this next pay period, I might get some. I'll be reimbursed for part of the cost...but really, I'd rather something natural. The pain medication sedates her...if I gave her the full dose it made her a zombie.
I'm doing energy work, looking at supplements, etc. doing what I can...basically make her comfortable. I feel like I'm not getting the job done. It depresses me.

I made breakfast today for Bill and myself...scrambled eggs with Sungold tomatoes with Italian Herb seasoning...hash browns with Garlic and Roasted Red Pepper/Italian Herb seasonings...Provolone cheese melted on top...last but not least-biscuits.
Enter the food gallery-

 What do you see here? Why, 4 eggs cracked creating a multitude of sunny sides smiling? One of the fun things at the Co-Op are the bulk eggs that we get. They are HUGE and some have double yokes. Up until today I (with my careful egg selecting abilities) came across one double yoker. Today? 3 out of 4 had an extra sun-shiny orb within. That is what you call epic awesome.

 This is the start of my scramble, beautiful isn't it? I should've let it cook like an omlette instead. Paitence has bounds tho....cute little circles of tomato in a giant circle of gold. Sprinkled with Italian Herbs...simply lovely. Then you have a beautiful scramble. Fluffy, cute little egg bits waiting to dance on your tongue with a hint of sweet and a kiss of spice.

I'm very much an Irish lass, and potatoes are my favorite food/veggie/starch...fried in a little yogurt butter and topped with smoked Provolone and a little bit of garlic and roasted red pepper? Seriously, this is awesome. End with a couple biscuits and some BBQ sauce...comfort food for Josie. (Tho, am not sure of my impression on the BBQ sauce's...different. More steak-sauceish than BBQ. Annie's brand.)

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