Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I think the homeopathic remedies are helping Bella Mae! She's out and about, playing a little bit and socializing :) This makes me happy-to find an alternate way to help with pain management. She is spending a lot of time in the cat tree. The window is open daily for the time being. Gotta LOVE the weather! I feel much better even being inside with the windows open than shut. Air circulating, breeze and freshness coming in.

Today I mailed a gift for a friend's daughter who has a birthday coming up. I'm unable to make it to the party, so snail mail will be me instead. I'm hoping to start setting aside a little extra money now to at least go toward children gifts. Several kiddos will be getting either money or a small gift, but being there are several that will need to be purchased for-that adds up to nearly 100 bucks right off the bat.

I'm sitting and figuring out how much to pay on my c.c. this pay check. I'm soooooooooo close. I'd like to have it at 0 very soon because of Christmas. Some purchases will be online, and if they do not accept paypal...that will be eh. I'm just excited. A total of 4 more payments of some amount and I'll be DONE.
Then I can start saving extra towards a class I want to take. And probably fork over a little extra for Bill's credit card. Or put what I spend paying off my c.c. into my savings.

I really hope that I can get myself up early tomorrow with as little jet lag as possible. Oy.

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