Monday, October 18, 2010

Well, today is

a cold one. Not too bad tho, but chilly enough for me. Bella Mae is the purrfect little thigh warmer! Purring away, she's flush against my leg as she's almost fully in my spot on the couch.
Cordelia thought waking me up early was a great idea. I'm groggy, my eyes are tired, my head is heavy...that's how it goes I guess.
Today and tomorrow are going to be long days. I'm not quite ready, but I don't have a choice. I just hope that even if it is long, it goes by quickly as possible.
Last night I made some breaded Tilapia with garlic and herb rice with some Sungold Tomatoes. Turned out well.
A picture will come at some point. And Cherry beer! Better than it sounds!
And Blue Moon Goat Cheese! AMAZING!!!
Otherwise, the day is young...let's see what it brings.

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