Friday, October 1, 2010

A nap is creepn' up

on me, my eyes are quite tired and heavy. It has been a long day, and pretty busy too. I'm already tired when I think about how long I'll be up tomorrow. Makes me a little sad. Trying to stay up til 12 or later just doesn't thrill me at the moment. Sinuses are still giving me a run for the money, and that drains me. I'm not sure it's still an infection as just being aggravated from allergies and other things.
Beautiful day today, and to celebrate my birthday (early, yes) I baked some cupcakes for my co-workers (and myself). Yellow cake with chocolate/strawberry frosting...some with one or the other, and some with a mix of fruit and chocolaty goodness.
My mum brought stain over and we did the railing outside (Bill and mum mostly, I helped a main mission was a bowl for my mum to lick.)
A blip in the road for Bella Mae's pain medication tho. Because of supply issues and the vet having to go though a different distributor; price tripled. What cost me 12 bucks would now cost me 55 dollars+tax.
Holy wow.
So...alternative methods are going to be sought out. I plan to save up and probably get some before the year is out, but I'd rather do something more natural for her in the first place.
Cordelia just grunted in her sleep. And she is very much in love with the blanket that was given to her. She's been sleeping on it since it arrived.
A singular birthday card, pink and glittery, came today. My mum brought me one too, and bought the button-down shirt I picked out. Not really flannel, but it is about as man shirt. Yup.

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