Thursday, September 30, 2010

The woman who stares at cats.

Once you bring a cat into your life, fully indoors, it ends up being a lot like having a child (I think).
Well...if that cat is Cordelia Joy. For one toy out is never enough, and you will see her knocking out all the toys from the cat tree cubby. One is not enough. EVER.
Cat litter. Another name for every day floor sweeping. I will admit a new-found OCD-esque obsession over floor sweeping. It gets done more than once a day. Main problem is that Cordelia Joy has a lot of toe tufts. Frankly those toe tufts grow VERY quickly. I trimmed them once....and I think the fur grew back in behind the scissors.
I can walk into the room and without really looking, know if either kitty used the litter or no. Also, they are polar opposites, so I can easily tell you who did what. Bella Mae is not a digger, and pretty much never buries anything. Cordelia Joy digs to China every time she goes; I'm surprised she hasn't dug a hole into the bottom of a box.
Last night Cordelia got a treat from a friend of mine. (A mother of a co-worker if one wants the details). She had an extra blanket that would be perfect (or one should say purrfect) for Cordelia to nom on if she so chose. Cordelia Joy LOVES to nom on things not really nommable, but choses to regardless. That provides plenty of frustration for her poor mother (me) but I live with it.
So now both kitties are lying together in napping harmony. Each with their own blanket and own spot. Sadly my wish to join them cannot be, for I have to work today. Happy joy, it is inventory at work today! Well, one bonus for me is I'm done early. I'm still tired out somewhat easily from all the sick I've had to deal with. So a slightly shorter night would be appreciated. And I'll start on my cupcake baking tonight I think. Why not? I do not want to spend all day tomorrow in front of an oven.
I have increasingly frustrated feelings over feeling stuck in a hole. Stumped, and wishing to accomplish something. Another year of my life has been gained, (or will be) and I feel like I'm lacking. Each year increases my foothold on adulthood. There is no going back...and it's going to increase each year. I'm going to do the vet assistant program. I just want a little less debt first. I'm gettn' there.

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