Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Granted, Saturday here is dark, gloomy, and wet. Light rain and grey skies are what I woke up to; tho I did wake up to Bella Mae between my legs. I was so out of it, I never felt her come in and lie down! She was purring contentedly, probably laughing at the lack of know her mother had.
So, before work my objective is to get more plastic up on the windows. What fun eh? Really all I want right now is a nap.
So I called the nurse about my on-going period...and I either wait a week and see if I'm still having a 'period' or see how my next one goes and call in. Wow. Thinking of a 14+ day period doesn't thrill me.
So, did a little rearranging with the cat beds and such, it's not permanent by any means, because it looks like I've built a fort. But, anyways, Bella Mae is starting to enjoy her kitty beds again. Just figuring out good placements for them.
That, my friends, is harder than it seems!
Bella Mae seems to be in good spirits; Cordelia is being picky with her moist food. This morning they are being playful. Their way of play is chasing each other around; then Bella Mae will run away and once she's 'hidden' start meowing.---
Just got back from the bank and our weekly (ack) Wal-Mart trip. Unfortunately it's still a regular trip, but fortunately we limit the amount we actually buy there. More important foods, etc. are purchased elsewhere (Like the Co-Op). Our bank is in WM; and I get some of the cheaper moist foods to alternate with the regular 'good' foods and such.
Well, off to put plastic on the one other window in the office and put up a new curtain for the side door that goes un-used. A special curtain to block out more cold and keep more heat in. Yay!

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