Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Feeling sorry for myself...

and that sucks. Sometimes it's easier said than done tho, in regards to not.
My hubby forgot a simple request I had made...not the end of the world; especially when I have the cats to wake me up...but still. It made me sad.
Then, I opened the store today, which isn't that bad. It does suck because regular morning people (particularly the coffee group) look at you like you're an idiot when you don't insistently know what they want or who they are.
My hand (right) and wrist are really bothering me tonight/today/ it's just kind of piling on top of my pile of sad.
Bella Mae slept on the litter mat in front of the litter box in the bathroom all night and this a.m. I came home to find she had thrown up all over it. She did eat food tho (after the fact) and she has been drinking water.
I'm just so sad and frustrated. I gave her a home off the street, and had hoped to make things perfect for her...instead she seems to have issue upon issues.
Cordelia, I think, senses my distress. She slept with me last night...and ALL night. She even held my hand for a little bit. (seriously)

Since I'm such a gloomy gus, I'll share some of my special beers with you-

This beer is deeeeeeeeeeeelish. But packs quite a punch. Over 9% alc. content....not for empty stomachs.

And then we have ButtHead!
This is fantabulious....and TommyKnocker makes a wicked Maple Ale. Soon I'll try the Imperial Maple Ale-but am waiting since that has 9% alc. too. Naughty!!!

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