Monday, October 25, 2010

First day of vacation

and I don't know what to do. I've never taken vacation days before. I know I will be putting plastic up over the window out in the living room and eventually the bedroom. We're having some cloudy, gloomy, but balmy days-September weather instead of October.
I woke up this a.m. to Bella throwing up; not very happy about that-more worried than anything. Did some light therapy on her. She's eaten and drank water; her vet appointment is tomorrow. I hope I get some answers. I love her so much and I hate the idea of knowing there is something going on, but not having answers.

Yesterday I was so tired (still am) but we had our staff meeting and sparkle night. I didn't stay for the cleaning part very long-was told the pet food shelf gets dusted on Mondays (which I did not know) and then the dust being kicked up started to make me cough. My head still hurts. Yay allergies! (total sarcasm)

I'm supposing I should eat something, that might be part of my sluggish, head-achy grump-fest.
I'm exciting to go back to Iowa City on Thursday...hooray pet food shopping!
I have yet to post any floofy 'tocks for 'Tocktober, so here are Cordelia's floofy 'tocks! She looks 'fat' to me sometimes, but it's all floof. How do I know? When I give her a bath! That floof is heavy tho.


  1. Hi Josie!

    Sorry to hear that Bella threw up ... you must be very worried, we all do when our furry ones behave differently. Keep us posted on her visit to the vet okay?

    Now, please do have some quality time for yourself on your "vacation days"!!! or at least rest to recuperate from the hard days work on Sunday!

    I hope you will feel well soon!! Headache, headache go away!

    PS: Cordelia's floofy tocks rocks!

  2. Ha! I will tell Cordelia of her famous 'tocks :) I must word it properly so she doesn't get a big head! I shall make sure to update tomorrow after the vet appointment. I also hope if it is successful they give me a copy of the results so I can compare them to February's results. (crossing fingers)
    Sad thing-Bella is cozy on my lap when I have to go to the bathroom! :(