Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good Morning!

Imagine a tiny (ok, not so tiny anymore) cute, fuzzy, and playful kitty yelling that into your ear? (Ok, she did not yell, but it's like she did.)
She crawled under my blanket people! She curled up next to me and acted all cute and stuff and let me close my eyes, but not sleep. No, I couldn't do that; I had to pet her, let her lick me, hear her try and eat my blanket.
Then when my alarm went off and I hit snooze, no sooner than I put my phone down did Bella Mae come and sit  atop my side. "MEROW!"
So, I tell her gently that they will get fed soon, just not.....now......
Not likely.
Bella Mae was crawling on me, meowing. Also deciding to crawl on my little dresser and meow. Then purr loudly, expecting lovies...and can I resist her? No. She is the queen.
Then she would go off and growl/hiss at Cordelia Joy, because she mistook my pets for Cordelia's torments.
7:30 rolls in, I haven't slept a wink of my half-hour sleepy time...shuffle my way to the bathroom to take care of necessary business. Not alone, but having to hold Bella Mae in my lap, and Cordelia coming in to dutifully cover Bella's 'treasure' in the litter box.
Then I shuffle out to the living room/kitchen...turn on the laptop, the t.v. and then shuffle over to get my coffee started. While the coffee perks is when the process of kitty feeding goes underway. And seriously, it's all guess on what to feed them half the time. What tasted good yesterday might be off limits today (and they didn't give me the memo). I didn't do too bad today, they ate some of my offering, and some is better than nothing. (have no fear, they will have their evil kibble to munch on while I'm at work for 7 hours today).
Both were up in the cat tree in the living room for a moment. Barely co-habitating, Bella Mae growling every second because Cordelia would touch her tail or try to touch her in general.
Fast forward, suddenly Bella Mae jumps on the couch, granted she's not thrilled with my holding her. Cordelia is playing with the PurrPads I bought, she just made a hut out of them. Seriously. She was under one so it tented, and she brought it over when she laid on the other PurrPad. So she made a hut, sleeping bag, whatever you want to call it. Burrowing seems to be something she has a love for. I've never had a cat who liked to snuggle under the covers with me...she does. Now she is digging out ALL her toys. No doubt to provide me some entertainment before I leave for the day. A day, in all honesty, I'm not really ready for.

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