Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bella Mae

Bella Mae is a domestic short hair, bi-colored cat with a hinting of tabby marking on her tail.
She's mostly white with red markings (red=orange).
Her eyes are a greenish-yellow, and most definitely crossed.
She has the cutest pink nose, and her ears are just darling.
She's somewhat of a loner, but she loves companionship.
She is NOT a lap cat, but might sit on it for a short while. You will find her spending time next to you (on her own terms) she will curl up on the couch with me or she'll sleep in bed between my legs.
She will talk, especially when she deems it time for me to get out of bed and get her breakfast ready.
Depending on how she's feeling, she will play. Chase a ball around, mock-scratch the throw rug, or chase faeries around the house. (She will also chase Cordelia around).
Bella Mae has gone though food phases, she would eat a lot of moist, but when she got sick she switched to dry. Now she's back at a happy medium of dry and moist...yay!
Bella Mae is not much of a cat-cat. She could seemingly give or take Cordelia Joy's presence in her life; they do have a tolerable relationship. I think that Bella Mae secretly likes Cordelia, but would pull teeth before admitting it.
Bella Mae had her front paws declawed. I, personally, do not agree with the declawing of cats and can say I see personality differences because of it (comparing her to Cordelia and other cats I've known.) And I would also say I believe the lack of claws has lead to her joint/back issues.
I believe Bella Mae to have IBD tho I haven't had testing done. I'm pleased to say, tho, that she's been GREAT in the bathroom area for some time now. Also we haven't had upchucks!
Bella Mae loves when her daddy is home, and will go out of her way to make me feel insignificant because of this. (I mean, seriously)
If someone is home (Bill or myself) and the other left and is arriving, Bella Mae will be in the cat tree in the other room and meow to announce their arrival. Then she'll run to the living room and greet you at the door.
Bella Mae is a queen, and no one can tell her otherwise! She might never fully trust me, and she will probably never cuddle with Cordelia and shower her with love and motherly affection. Bella Mae had a hard hand dealt to her, and because of this she is cautious. Who wouldn't be?
My goal in life is to provide her with a safe, loving, and comfortable home. Respect her boundaries, but yet help her (when she's ready, if ever) to open up.
<3 Bella Mae

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