Thursday, October 14, 2010


it's a new day. I'm freshly showered (or have been for a few hours)...I made myself some breakfast awhile ago (pictures will be posted at some point)...Sungold tomatoes, garlic and herb seasoning, a little smidge of onion, and 1 double-yoker egg. Savory and sweet, completed with two slices of toast with grape jam. Yum.
Bella Mae has been acting a lot better today. I'm not sure if some of it is due to my crying fest yesterday. I just vocally got rid of some 'emotional garbage' I've been hanging on to. Airing it out, letting tears flow, and moving on.
This morning I awoke to Bella Mae sitting on top of my leg (I think my leg). Cordelia was sleeping next to me (again)...Bella was purring up a storm. I looked at my cell phone, and was shocked to see I had slept in about an hour AFTER my alarm was to go off. It was equally embarrassing since I went to bed early last night. Bella Mae was cozy in her pink princess cat bed; I snuggled up in bed. Soon after, Cordelia Joy came in to snuggle with me.
Well, anyways. After I woke up and decided it was indeed time to become upright, I went to the kitchen to make my coffee. Then I fed the kids, looking down I saw the water dishes were very, very empty. Someone, more like Cordelia Joy, decided to play with the water dishes-tipping the water out and all over the mat(s).
Bella Mae was purring while eating...fully content in herself and the situation at hand. I think it was all in all, a plot between the two, to get me out of bed.
Then it came to eating my breakfast. Bella Mae would not get off my lap! So I had to hold my plate up and consume my very delicious eggs. She continued to sit on my lap after the fact. Up until I had to go to the bathroom (because coffee does that)...and when I came back, up onto my lap she went. Now she's contentedly sleeping next to me.
Another nice thing is that I can now go to my massage hours early than originally planned. Yay! I rather like having my massage be the 'first thing' I do for the start of my day. I dunno's just nicer because I can go, fax in my hra, then go back home and relax for a bit. Do not need to do errands right away, work, or anything else. Just go, sit, relax, and then go about my stuff.

Now, a plug for the Caster Coolest Cat competition-I entered my two into a few other categories...if you already voted (thank you!) and still have votes for those categories, please vote for them :) They would simply love you!

I just hope my day today goes well. I'm just wanting to get it done and over with.

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