Saturday, October 9, 2010

Am in a mood

and am not sure what to call it. I'll probably ignore it for the time being...otherwise I'll just be the epitome of stress...and that's not very good.
My supper tonight was a grilled cheese with avocado and smoked provolone cheese with some tomato soup. Yum.
Cordelia Joy got a bath today. Yes, she looked like a drowned rat, but she's clean and shiny. She was a little greasy on her was time. Plus gave me a good excuse to do something before work to take my mind off some stress. Never try to give a cat a bath as a means of distracting yourself. You will find yourself very wet AND having to catch an escapee kitty. (grumble)
At work I decided hash browns would be great to have with some eggs tomorrow. (and some yummy Sungold tomatoes.) Unfortunately I forgot my second avocado. Fail.

I took some pictures of the beers I bought; I'll have to upload them. And some of my on the way to and from Iowa City pictures. I was too silly to take pictures of the actual places IN Iowa City we went to. Smarrrrt.

This wasn't the most exciting of days, and really what is on my mind I'm not to write about just yet. Overall, tho, it was an alright day. It's just a mystery to figure out what the kitties want to eat. Need to figure out what to buy them on my trip back to Iowa City/Cedar Rapids. (which will be sometime during my vacation)

Now, to try and read a book...because football is on and I'm not that intrigued.

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