Friday, October 8, 2010


My adventure was a success, albeit a long day.
In an Edible Iowa magazine I picked up from the Co-Op probably last year or earlier this year, there was an advertisement for Pet Central Station. Bill thought "Would you like to go today?" as we had nothing planned and the fact I'm working the next 3 weekends (surprise!) and I can't recall I've been to Iowa City. Downer? 3 hour to and from trip...6 hours car time not counting the driving around town.
So, hurry hurry and drink my coffee...figured I'd wait to take my scruffy (but I clean up well I think) I dressed myself to be presentable to the outside world, brushed my teeth, and peed probably 5 times before setting a foot out the door (because, seriously, the moment you set your foot outside you'll need to pee.) And I honestly have issues with public restrooms and I have major issues with single-stall bathrooms. This phobia of sorts was instilled even further when I lived in Goose Creek, SC. Besides my one night stay at a Holiday Inn, the only toilet I trusted was my own. You have not seen nor smelled atrocious restroom facilities until you've visited North Charleston. The Wal-Mart bathrooms...any restaurant (except perhaps The Longhorn)

Made it to Iowa City, and on our way to our first stop, I saw my second destination first- Leash on Life (on Hwy 1 West) but onward we went to Pet Central Station.
Downside of not calling ahead on potential destinations, you do not know what is going on. When we got there the store was in disarray. Turns out they are moving. The No-Kill shelter was moving to a different building, and I believe the retail location was moving to North Liberty (or vice versa).
Second location was a treasure! Leash on Life is a great little pet store! -
Got the kids a couple toys (some are for Christmas, but I let them have their Yeowww! Catnip fish tonight) - (the Stinkies!) And found a different flavor of Taste of the Wild to try that has NO chicken whatsoever. Also will be trying Fromm dry Surf and Turf grain-free for the kitties- and
Great customer service!
The third destination we failed to find. From there we went to New Pioneer CoOp- and was very impressed with their deli and meat counter layout! (and so hungry too!)
Then we went to John's Grocery- (Thanks Barrett!) and I was so impressed with the beer and wine selection. I got myself several treats, including a Riesling in a pink cat bottle!
6 gloriously (I hope) beers! (images to come soon)!
For lunch we at at a Village Inn, and I'll say, it was the best food of my day (really, my only food O.o) I had a chicken sandwich (grilled) with onions, peppers, mushrooms, and avocado. Delish!

So...that, in a nutshell, was my day. Topped it off with my Cornucopia Peace Tree ale and I'm set. Whew!

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