Friday, October 15, 2010


I'm just a oozing mass of happiness and comfort right now. Crazy, but I completely and utterly needed that massage. My wrist/hand issues are probably attributed to the tightness of my shoulder/neck area. When someone squeezes you and go 'oooh wow...' that's not good in massage language. So needless to say there were a few spots that had me looking more like an angry pirate than a blissed out angel. Oh well. Still-feels great.
Only downside? Dry eyes. Welcome to the world of contacts.

So, to celebrate my happiness and joy, I went to the Co-Op to buy myself a Snickerdoodle cookie. Yum. I had it about all consumed before leaving the store. (embarrassing)

Anyways...kitties got their teeth brushed, Frontline applied, and treats. (They are getting the salmon treaties)
Frickn' amazing company too-

Now that is what you can call-Awesome!

It's a beautiful day...hopefully go out and get a walk in. Feeling motivated for some fresh air. Youngest is hunting a boxelder bug. Reminds me, yesterday a random earwig came out of an egg carton someone returned. Prompting me to squeal like a little girl and run to the middle registers. Embarrassing.

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