Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh yum!

Sometimes in life things and flavors, foods, colors, and textures cry out to you.
Insert the one really naughty thing I ate today. Culver's Concrete Mixer-the small size, which, frankly needs to be smaller!!!! The flavor combination of choice? Mint and Hot Fudge. I was initially disappointed because part of the desire for hot fudge was to lick the thick, chocolaty fudge off my spoon. Really the only place any fudge was layered upon was the very bottom of my cup. The flavors, however, mixed together very nicely into what one would consider a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie flavor. It was minty, but had a definite richness of a chocolaty fudge undertone. Sweet, cooling, biting, but within was the concoction was the smooth sophistication of a chocolate delight. Chocolate-hidden, is quite a treat.

So, my afternoon has consisted of watching (drum roll) Food Porn! aka Food Channel. (Oh Food Channel, you rock!) Paula Deen and her sexy son whipping up food; finding myself drooling over a brownie that made my arteries clog just by looking at it. 

So, being home alone tonight, I thought of making some fish and rice. How dumb would that be? I'd have more servings for me than I need. I'll eat my leftover soup. It's a chunky tomato soup with pasta in it. It just has a yummy flavor...not at all organic (I sowwy) but so good. And I can get two meals out of it, especially if I combine it with a grilled cheese.

I decided to experiment with Gorgonzola. I'm fearful of Bleu Cheese, but this is supposed to be more mild. So far I've added it to my soup and I have (surprise!) enjoyed it!
I was feeling creative...why not create a little exotic food porn?

Rudi's Honey Sweet Wheat Bread-
Some cut Cippolini onion-
Two Sungold tomatoes, cut.-
Some Gorgonzola sprinkled on, then some slices of Smoked Provolone.

Toasted in a skillet, no butter, etc. I like it toasty, melty, and delicious.
The colors, the different tastes...sweet, tangy, robust, and mild...I think it turned out beautifully!

Soon I'll upload some pictures...promise!


  1. Food Porn - wooo I love food ...
    can't wait for pictures...
    drooling as i imagine ...

  2. I'm excited for my next grilled cheese creation-tried a new cheese tonight...tastes/feels like a softer swiss cheese. YUM!