Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I have decided

that I dislike food right now.
Seems my digestive system still isn't all 'there' yet, and it will prove to be an interesting day at work if it continues. Bugger.
Bella Mae is thrilled that her daddy is home; she always goes by the door if he goes out for a smoke. Or she will sit in the cat tree and sing a song of welcome when he pulls in after leaving for an errand. (Then rushing to the door meowing away).
This a.m. I woke to a purring Bella Mae, sitting on her daddy's chest. Of course she did end up sharing some purrs and kisses with me. Mainly to beckon my body to rise so she could receive that is, breakfast.
Then comes the mystery of WHAT to feed the precious pussies. First can was a dud, second was a semi-dud, third was a winner (along with some crunchies). Cordelia was the pickiest of the two; she is shunning a food she originally ate. One that I had to drive a long ways to get. (sigh)
Seems Fancy Feast is a winner right now. Still trying to figure on whether or not to go to the pet food store in LaCrosse-Elite Kibble...on Sunday.
I'm excited too for I'm making headway with my savings and my credit card. Exciiiiiting! I finally feel I'm getting somewhere. Also the excitement of knowing that I can make more than one payment on my CC a month because I have the online billing set up. (greedy glint in eyes)
Yup. Today will be interesting.
I think another hot shower is in order.

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