Saturday, September 25, 2010


it kind of sucks being a female. For some if I went into the description of how I feel right now it would be classified as 'TMI'. Let's say I've never been a big fan of cramps; fact is I've had issues with them for years. I'll never enjoy them, I'll never 'suck it up', and I'll probably always feel miserable. I can handle many things, but constant, dull achy, and annoying pain will not be tolerated gracefully.
Anyways, onto something a bit more cute.
I woke up not only to the sound of my little mandolin playing my 'Yay! It's time for happy wake-up time, Josie!' alarm song, but a kitty who decided meowing was even better.
It's been awhile since I heard Bella Mae's happy meow-song of 'mommy wake up! I want food! I want you up! You sleep too long! Lazy bones!' (yes, all of that is within her walking on top of me, meowing, walking across the bed, meowing, etc.)
Then funny thing for me was the fact there was plenty of food for them to eat. Yet that wasn't what they wanted at the moment.
It's such a cold, damp day. My fingers feel more stiff than usual and the general discomfort one feels when they are worn down is increased tenfold. The kitties seem to think it's a glorious day; Bella Mae is chasing Cordelia Joy around and vice versa. Also the crinkle ball is now again in play, and I haven't needed to give Bella Mae any pain medication. I'm wondering if her new supplement is assisting with this improved personality/mood.
Tin dessert trays purchased to house the cupcakes I will bake as birthday treats this week. Yellow cake with either chocolate or strawberry whipped frosting. I'll be honest, they will be baked with love...and that's the only 'home made' part about them. Thank you box mixes!
Now, to hunker down for a few hours before I go into work.

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