Friday, September 24, 2010

And then

Fall comes in like a summer breeze. Rain galore falls upon Decorah (and other towns/states) and now we have a sunny and breezy day. I have yet to get my body outside. Just not ready for that. I've not been sleeping well lately because of my inflamed rib cartilage. Turns out I coughed so hard I inflamed the cartilage bits between my ribs or so, and let me tell you, it's like being smacked in the ribs with a baseball bat every time you breathe or cough. Not fun! I think I'm having arm issues from it as well (for researching the technical term mentioned arm numbness/tingling/etc. as a 'side effect' of this inflammation).
Oh well.
And to top it off, I'm having break-outs on my chest. More on the flat surface below my collar bone. Speckled with tiny pimples...I feel very unattractive. For me it is somewhat embarrassing because the just appeared over the course of a week. Why? Isn't it enough that I feel crippled by cartilage pain, you have to make me look like a teenager that hit puberty?
Small things that make sure you do not start thinking too highly of yourself.

Cordelia Joy has now decided that the coffee table is the PRIME napping spot. I have a huge mass of floof and kitten-ness almost in the middle of my table. It has pointy ears, breathes, and will purr if you so much as touch a finger to the warm mass. I'm tempted to try putting a cat bed on the table to see if she'd sleep on that. I do not understand why wood seems so comfy.

I also must take a peek downstairs, for I found some scratches on the wall. Yes, the wall, in which happened when a very large, overgrown kitten decided to go bug hunting. It is not a huge deal, the lightest bit of paint with the tiniest brush would do. It's just whether the color that was used is still downstairs.
I love Cordelia, she does prove to be a challenge.

Speaking of Cordelia. Sometimes when you distress her so, because she's just so young and timid (harhar) she will give you the most pitious mew possible. It's more like a pitiful whine. She cannot bear the thought that one would taint her by brushing her teeth. Heaven forbid you try and brush her a hair too long. Bath time? Lordy. You're asking for it...the Queen of Pitiful Mews will arrive. She doesn't meow...she mews. A sweet sing-song chirping that comes from her large/tiny self.
I swear she is longer than Bella Mae. And she's getting floofier. I'm not sure if it's mass or fur.
On that note, I should share the latest, most interesting story of her to date.
I wanted to try a flea trap....granted using the ol' pie pan with water/soap/candle or desk lamp method is easiest. NOT the safest for curious kitties who love to eat things they shouldn't. I went to bed after plugging in the trap (living room) and suddenly awoke to a loud crash. Much like one would hear if someone broke in. I stumbled out of bed in a daze, finding a distressed kitty running around with a sticky glue-disk stuck to her left paw/side/belly...pretty much all over herself. And of course, this was also bath day...and she was finally dry. Not so clean anymore. Vegetable oil and soap to clean up the sticky/greasy mess...will not be trying that again for awhile.

Also, Cordelia loves to consume felt. I've witnessed the second eating of a felt-mouse tail...and there is a second tail-less mouse to be batted around the house. Thankfully no issues with blockages...I'm not sure how she does it.

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