Monday, September 27, 2010

2 a.m. rolled in

like a lion. Stomach flu (or whatever you would like to call it) came up upon me like furious storm of suck. Chills followed soon after my being 'sick'...stumbling from the bathroom in the dark and trying to contort myself into a ball of warmth. My ribs are still inflamed, so being sick aggravated them. My moving around and flopping like a fish out of water didn't help. Hubby had to get me some 7-Up and ibuprofen to which I'm surprised I kept down.
This a.m. I thought briefly of going to work, but realizing that the fact 7-Up and water both infuriated my delicate digestive system, I gave up.
I spent most of the day (alright, 90% of my day, horizontal on the couch). I did wash dishes, only so the sink would be free of items so that if I couldn't run to the bathroom I could throw up in there. How sad is that?
Plan fell short and I ended up vomiting into a mixing bowl I had previously washed. There is something unnerving about being sick with the vomiting-stomach flu. I dislike how vulnerable I feel.
Ended up with a temperature, which to me, sucks. Not sure if it was at all related to my being wrapped up like a burrito all day. Either way, my head feels terrible, my stomach is still squicky, and I'm tired. A month or so of being sick? Seriously.
Yesterday marked a full week before my birthday, which is this Sunday. I hope to be recuperated enough to be out and about. At least have an appetite for something more than saltines and 7-Up.
So, on that note that is quite frankly, depressing...I'm going to get some more 7-Up and have my feet rubbed because it doesn't matter if I'm sick...there is football to be watched (I guess.)
The other positive note is that my beloved Peapod sent me a beautiful, hand-crafted peapod necklace. I will post the artist's etsy site soon.

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