Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I live to see another day;

feeling much better than yesterday. Hooray!
Granted my day consisted of 90% sleep and 10% feeling like crap; it's worth the really hot and soapy shower I took this a.m. No longer do I look or smell like a dirty dog (or cat?)
Quiet day on the couch, realizing I'm not fully ready for food so much. Southwest Corn soup isn't the best choice, but I thought it would be better than the tomato soups I had. Begs the question, "Would you like some soup with those crackers?" I had probably a good 10 crackers or so crumbled into my soup.
The only downside of this is that I have been invited out to supper. Big thing against me- my stomach. Not as bad as yesterday; but not perfect either. Also two long days of work ahead and a wedding and my birthday.

Cordelia Joy is sitting on the cat tree in the office, chasing boxelder bugs off the window screen. Bella Mae is being a couch potato; purring away while getting warmth from Bill's laptop and my butt she's sitting next to.
I'm having cravings for mashed potatos and a chocolate chip cookie.

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