Friday, August 13, 2010

Wouldn't it be fun

if someday this 'blog' became a book?
The AC is now back in the window, two holes drilled into the trap, also set up at more of an angle so the water (should) drip down vs. being level and all that other stuff (aka crap).
I'm watching the final episodes of my Dark Shadows series (the 1991 version). It's exciting because the second episode is the only one I saw (back in the day) and is what turned me on to Vampires. This series is what made me fall in love with all vampire movies...granted watching it now is EPIC cheese.
Sad...the cute guy just died. (and the cute guy later played Jarod in The Pretender...which I watched as long as I could on NBC).

So, today I did a full-house vacuum...the dust buster temporarily out of commission due to the filter having been washed. (now dry). I vacuumed all the floors...dismayed at the lack of suction. Sad.
The carpet I had to get on my hands and knees and spray with enzyme cleaner (to help the hair stick...also to help 'clean' it more so than just brushing alone) and used my little hand brush to 'sweep' the fur into clumps. This, by far, is the easiest route to get trapped fur out of a space rug.
(I would love to know of what anyone else uses for pet fur clean up. A special vacuum? Do swiffer sweepers work?)

I must laugh, Cordelia Joy just touched Bella Mae's rump. Like 'Heeee I touched youuuuuu!'

More Taste of the Wild food bought...canned and dry. A gifty for a friend who acquired a kitty (her pup's birthday is the 16th if I remember correctly) and I hope to get something sent to her soon! At least after payday. I also bought a book (Eat Pray Love)...maybe this is something I have to do....take a trip..a tour...leave no carb behind. Live...let alive...grow more.

Today I had another childish moment, and I seriously wonder what my husband sees in me at times. I feel bad for my reactions...which are exceedingly more so because I can't sleep worth a damn.
If I were not so tired, my reactions might've been less.

Right now the kitties are my one claim (overall) to sanity. Gosh, sometimes I feel so lost with Bella Mae and her reactions...her seemingly sensitive spots....I want to help her and make everything better instantly. Cordelia Joy...her silly actions...sometimes she exasperates me...but I have nothing but love for her.

Oh my little similar yet so different. Cordelia barely sheds, Bella Mae sheds like crazy. Bella Mae doesn't bury her 'stuff' but Cordelia Joy makes a huge burial in the litter box. Bella Mae is sedate where Cordelia is on cat crack (but seriously not as she is still too young to react to catnip.).

So, my day is complete for now...the kitties and I will soon go to bed (or more like they will sleep and I will toss and turn.)

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