Friday, August 13, 2010

This too shall pass

Or, hopefully at some point during the day, become cooler because of the AC.
It's been nearly a year since I've experienced sweating myself to sleep. My ability to tolerate humidity anymore is near zilch. Top off insomnia with insomnia accompanied by sweating yourself into oblivion.
Right now a storm is rolling in, a cooling breeze is swirling about in comfortable glee outside. A couple windows are open, at least the bonus of this will be airing out the apartment (in general). Last night in my somewhat exhausted stupor I took the little fan I bought yesterday and brought it into the bedroom. A worthwhile investment. Granted I was guessing with placement, and had it on oscillate. The only parts of me that felt the sweet fan breeze were my thighs. Bill jokingly complained that I had the fan only on me. My placement of the fan did not grant him the gift of hot breeze.

The funny thing is the cats. They are lying on the floor, ultimately the coolest part of the house. Tho, regardless of the heat, Bella Mae came to sleep by my legs last night. And earlier this morning, Cordelia Joy was content enough to walk all over me, and lay down several times on my collar bone. Nothing says loven' like trying to smother your 'human caretaker' with your lengthy fur. Even with the discomfort, I find it comforting and joyful to have a kitty sleep with me. So I will quietly suffer for some lovies.

I will say, this is also the first time I had a lukewarm shower for a long time. I'm one that loves hot showers, regardless of the time of year. This time I had a lukewarm one. Of course my little 'shower peeper' was in the bathroom. Guarding me with her life. Waiting with baited breath so she could jump into the tub after I was finished. When it was Bill's 'bathroom time' he couldn't believe how insistent Cordelia was on coming in. I told him that he couldn't deny her. She mainly wants to go in and play in the tub. Seriously, it's easier to just go with the flow with Cordelia vs. trying to fight her 'know it all'.

Quiet rumbles of thunder are rolling, the kitties are asleep on the floor. I'm deciding in my head on when would be best to take Bella Mae to the vet for her rabies. Also trying to decide if I should have her x-rayed. The areas under her 'arms' are tender...I'm thinking arthritis as I cannot feel lumps. Had an incident where I almost got bit today because of her discomfort.

Sometimes it is exhausting. Bella Mae is the greatest thing to have ever happened to me, but I'm finding so much work in taking care of her. ALL of which I am willing and am happy to do. It's confusing because with all the cats I've had in the past, I've had them while they were kittens. Watched them grow up. With Bella Mae, she came to me with an unknown past, an unknown age, and several health issues that flair up. It's difficult for me to feel fully confident sometimes when I'm not sure what is going on. You figure unless you feel a distinct lump, it's probably arthritis. When you think of arthritis, you think of age. Then you really wonder 'how old IS she?' Age doesn't really matter; but unfortunately with animals, I find age does HELP one to figure out things. For me it's something that I can use to hypothesize on how long something might've been going on (food allergies) it could explain her personality, demeanor, etc. And also help me find what I can give her supplement-wise to assist her the best I can. I think if she is 7 or so, that would explain her previously high CRE levels. (They were down when she was sick) then I she MORE than 7?
Goodness...I love her so much...I guess it is frustrating to think that wanting to have all the bases covered takes too many answers.

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