Saturday, August 7, 2010

The tail of the litter box adventures today led up to not much. It wasn't a bad day at all, but a mildly disappointing one for the fact my pet store stop was yet again, a waste of time. They haven't fully put items out yet, and behold, dogs take the lead. The cat area wasn't put together at all. I'm sure, perhaps, if I had asked nicely I could've looked in the boxes marked as cat food. I, however, did not want to spend my afternoon digging though boxes of food and not finding what I needed.
SO, maybe next time.
I did get to visit my aunt and uncle. I always enjoy seeing them, they always make me feel special, as well as make me feel like I am 'normal'. I have much in similar with my uncle, the talks we shared today about my exhaustion and such sound similar to what he has gone though almost all his life. I'm hoping to pick up some 5htp tonight, otherwise I'll take half a pill of muscle relaxer. A full dose takes awhile to wear off, I spent most of the day groggy; really I'm groggy half the time anyway.
So...without a plethora of food, what do you buy kitties as a special treat?
A big, giant, high-sided litter box. Scratch that...TWO big, giant, high-sided litter boxes that are on sale for 14 dollars and change.
THESE boxes are the epitome of huge, spacious, and all-round awesome. Plus, they are blue. What cat wouldn't appreciate a blue throne in which they can do their business?
See, cats have many different ways in which they use their facilities. Some cats like covered boxes. I acknowledge covered litter boxes like portapotties. A bad idea. Bella Mae doesn't like boxes with any sort of cover; when she first used one she ended up pooping on the floor. Her depth-perception or lack thereof was the reason for that accident.
Too shallow of a litter box means that an already litter-covered floor will become even more litter-covered.
We were doing well (both Bella Mae and Cordelia Joy) with the larger litter boxes I found. More room to move around comfortably, and also assisted with me not having to sit there like a ninja waiting to scoop the potty from the box.
Cordelia Joy is the first kitty I've actually observed this unsavory phenomenon....she will at times be so anxious to get back out and play that her little butt goes upupup and therefor ends up peeing all over the side of the box. Thankfully only once she happened to pee OVER the actual side of the box and onto the floor vs. the box side itsself.
This provided an un-wanted challenge. We rent, there are wood floors in the other room that has dual litter boxes. Even tho I have plain mats, plastic bags, and litter-trapping is an accident that does not need to happen again.
Then comes the chore of finding the RIGHT high-sided litter box. Some high-sided litter boxes are barely large enough for a full-grown cat. Bella Mae is a good-sized kitty, and Cordelia Joy is still growing. If you ever saw the pee and poo that came out of Cordelia Joy, you would understand my concerns in wanting a box large enough for two cats to use comfortably.
Now, if you think that is too much Once you are a parent...whether human or pet, all worries of 'potty talk' go out the window. At least for me. I have had betta fish (still do) and a lot of potty talk occurs when fish are ill. One can learn a lot about the health of an animal based on their bathroom habits. (end lecture of fear of potty talk)

Now, another amazing observation. No longer are crinkle balls appealing to my baby kitty. A ball of crinkled up PAPER brings her much entertainment (as I type). I suppose there are worse things in life, and this way if she chews and's just plain, white, non-inked paper. Now Bella Mae is trying out this new toy that I have created. So much for the dollar catnip 'sausages' I bought for them. (Cordelia is too young to be affected by catnip at this time)...paper trumps all. Except the litter boxes.

I'm sure many who ever read this will shake their heads in awe as to why I put so much time, effort, and money into finding the 'right' things for my kitties.
People would spend money on diapers, undergarments, shoes, pants, find the right 'fit'. Finding the right 'fit' of litter box pretty much ensures that (unless an animal was sick) you will not find the cat going outside the litter box out of protest. Much like finding the right litter for your cat, the right litter box is part of the formula too. Proper number of boxes, proper size of boxes, and proper placement of boxes all are to be taken into consideration. Thankfully the bathroom was the 'purrfect' place for Bella Mae when she arrived. I have two boxes in the 'office/fish room' for them to use at their leisure. Standard rule of thumb is to have the same amount of litter boxes per-cat plus one. So three is by definition, purrfect. Four would more than likely be purrfect-er but I do not have the room. But they seem to have adjusted to the set-up extremely well. :)

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