Sunday, August 8, 2010

And so

you soon learn with a kitten/cat that you have NO privacy whatsoever.
Bella Mae wasn't that inquisitive with me when we first brought her into our home. Granted she would sometimes show up in the bathroom when I would be 'taking care of business' for a random pet. Nothing compares to Cordelia Joy. She is inquisitive about everything, almost to the point of embarrassing me. As soon as you get up to flush, there she is, standing on her hind legs and looking into the toilet to see what you accomplished. I shut the seat immediately and flush away whatever it is to flush. I guess she must think I'm so curious about what either she or Bella Mae do, that it is nothing but a common courtesy for her to examine my 'treasures'. Great.
Taking a shower I do hardly by myself anymore. I'll turn on the fan, go in, lather up, and if I peek from behind the curtain more often than not I'll meet a pair of amber eyes staring at me. She is waiting for the moment the excess water goes down the drain and for me to get out so she can explore the newly cleaned tub. Granted, she's not a huge fan of water (in excess amounts) but she is fascinated with the tub. Also, at times you will see her paw at her water and shake the excess off so that droplets fly all over the floor. She seems to think that digging the water makes it taste better.
And then it comes to other things. Like having a child, your intimate moments with your spouse turn more into a laughter-fest of awkward movements, moments, and kitty tails or fur in general finding their way to places that you would prefer for them to not come in contact with. Shutting the door is a double edged sword. You get privacy, but then you hear the plaintive cries of a young kitten questioning 'why?! Why do you shut me out like this?! Whatever have I done to you?!'
Granted with all of these scenarios, you aren't asked the standard 100 questions from your 'child' no need to explain bits, pieces, sex, and toilet habits. All you need to do is occasionally give a head scratch, laugh, and proceed to look the other way (or make solid attempts to).
I have a hard time, tho, feeling very life is an open book, and I'm continuously exposed to the all knowing looks of my cat's eyes. She sees into my soul, she knows what I'm doing behind closed doors (and the doors are hardly ever closed for fear they will become anointed with scratch marks...claw trimming doesn't remove that concern permanently.)
This is life...forever exposed. No secrets, no privacy....just a kitty who likes to stick her nose into your waking moments of living.

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